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Natural Gas Industry

Product Image (CR Series)

Creep Relief Valve CR Series

The CR-Series are general purpose self operated pressure relieving upstream pressure control valves suitable for controlling many kind of fluids. These valves open in proportion to the rise in inlet pressure beyond set value. Different soft seating discs are available for various fluids for wide pressure and temperature range up to 175oC. These back pressure regulating valves are also well suited for high & varying differential pressure. It is widely used in Natural Gas, Pressure Creep Relief Function.

Product Image (Metering Regulating Skid (MRS))

Metering Regulating Skids / Industrial Pressure Regulating Skids

SG Series are the most popular Metering & Regulating Stations with very large number of installations operating for many years. SG MR Series & SG DR Series are complete packaged solutions ensuring highest level of security & reliability for supply of gas to commercial, industrial installations and City Gas Distribution Networks. SG MR Series Metering & Regulating Station caters to flows up to 2300 SCMH. SG DR Series Stations are widely used as District Regulating Stations / Common Pressure Regulating Stations in City Gas Networks for flows upto 11000 SCMH. The SG Series Stations lend itself to most sophisticated features of SCADA based remote monitoring & control functions.

Product Image (SH4 Series)

Slam Shut-Off Valve SH4 Series

SERIES SH4 safety shut off valve shuts off the gas flow when, the pressure it is monitoring rises and reaches the set point of the slam shut valve. Due to any failure in the pressure regulating system, the slam off device has to be re-set manually. These valves are for use in variety of applications: Natural gas transmission & distribution systems, Fuel gas supply to industrial boilers, furnaces and mixers; and Commercial or industrial businesses. These valves can be provided with under pressure shut-off feature also.

Product Image (District Regulating Skid)

District / Field Regulating Skids

Nirmal posseses huge experience in the District Regulating Skids (DRS) or Field Regulating Stations (FRS). Typically, DRS / FRS are ANSI 300 / ANSI 150 skids having Filtration, Pressure Regulation and Metering. DRS/FRS regulates the pressure to 4 5 Barg and the further gas distribution network is PE Line instead of Steel Line.

Product Image (CGS)

City Gate Station

  • Delivery Time:as per products Days
Product Image (Dry Gas Filter)

Dry Gas Filter

Dry Gas Filters are used to remove very small solid particles. Dry Gas filters remove the solid particles from Gas at any working condition, by designing the suitable filter elements. Decision of suitable no. of elements with suitable filtration efficiency depend on various factors such as clients requirement of filtration efficiency grade, pressure drop, quantity of solid particles, etc..

Product Image (DR-09)

Domestic Regulators

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  • Feature:High Efficiency, High Performance, Low Maintenance Cost
Product Image (SH4-2 Series)

Slam Shut - Off Valve SH4-2 Series

Series SH4-2 safety shut off valve rapidly blocks gas flow when downstream pressure regulator fails and reaches the set pressure for its intervention. The slam shut off device has to be reset manually. These valves are used in a variety of applications like Natural gas transmission & distribution systems, fuel gas supply to industrial boilers, furnaces, mixers and commercial or industrial businesses such as steel mills, asphalt plants & shopping centers. Additional features include under pressure shut off and remote signal devices option.

Product Image (Fiscal Flow)

Transmission Distribution Skids

Nirmal offers the Fiscal Flow Metering Skids with Filtration, Flow Metering Ultrasonic Flow Meters as well as Turbine Meters Flow Computation, Gas Chromatography and Flow Control for final end users.

Product Image (D53 Series)

Downstream Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator D53 Series

The Series D53 regulators provide accurate pressure control in a variety of applications: Natural gas system, Fuel gas supply to industrial boilers, Furnances and mixers and commercial or industrial business such as steel mills, asphalt plants and shopping centers. This regulator is used with double stage pilot pressure loading. The superioir performance of this regulator is due to amplifying effect of the pilot and the two-path control system. Changes in outlet pressure act quickly on the actuator diaphragm to provide fast response to changes. The pilot amplifies system changes, positioning the main valve for precise control.

Product Image (Gas Conditioning Skids)

Gas Conditioning Skids

NIRMAL takes the overall responsibility of Design, Engineering, Procurement, Assembly and Testing of complete Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids for the Power Plants. NIRMAL provides FG Conditioning Skid with Knock Out Drums, Filter Separators, Natural Gas Pre-Heaters, Pressure Regulation and Flow Control with different configurations as per customer requirements. The designs are made such that the FG skids are engineered fabricated in different skid mounted parts for the ease of transportation and installations at site. The FG Skids can be completely automatic unit having SCADA connectivity for remote monitoring and controlling various parameters and functionalities of the skid.

Product Image (Heating Skid)

Heating Skids

NIRMAL has experience in design, engineering and supply complete heating skids for Natural Gas Applications. Pre-Heaters are used In Gas Distribution Network Skids or in Fuels gas Conditioning Skids of Power Plants. Natural Gas is heated to a higher temperature to compensate the temperature drop arising due to pressure reduction and to meet the specific temperature requirements by the downstream processes. Increase of temperature improves the fuel combustion and increases flame temperature in case of furnaces.